The representatives of a number of leading mathematical institutions in the Pacific Rim met at the Banff International Research Station, Canada on October 14-15, 2005. The rapidly expanding scientific capacity and the enormous potential arising from the cultural and intellectual diversity of the Pacific Rim region were recognized. It was agreed that a well coordinated and concerted effort among our institutions and countries would stimulate a vibrant and interconnected mathematical community whose activities would have an unprecedented impact on our economic, social and cultural development. A resolution was made to establish an organization, to be known as the Pacific Rim Mathematical Association (PRIMA), and to develop an action plan to achieve these goals. The mission of PRIMA is to promote and facilitate the development of the mathematical sciences throughout the Pacific Rim region. The principal objectives of PRIMA are:

  • To create a network for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of scientific knowledge;
  • To coordinate and encourage wider participation in scientific activities in the region in order to maximize their effectiveness;
  • To substantially increase the region's capacity in training the next generations of mathematical scientists;
  • To identify geographical areas in need of mathematical advancement and to assist them in strengthening their expertise and infrastructure;
  • To promote breadth and diversity within the mathematical sciences community;
  • To share expertise in the promotion of the mathematical sciences, and their impact on society and the global economy;
  • To pool resources where appropriate, and to identify potential new ones to assist the scientific development of every community in our region.

Pacific Rim Congress

In order to create rich networking possibilities, survey regional mathematical developments, and disseminate the latest scientific advances, it was decided to hold a Pacific Rim Congress of the Mathematical Sciences once every four years, starting in 2009. The First PRIMA Congress took place in Sydney, Australia in July of 2009 and the Second PRIMA congress took place in Shanghai in June of 2013.